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Find yourself entangled in the mysteries of the oldest most protected secret society on Earth. Its keepers have guarded their secrets for centuries and passed them through generations in their clandestine ritual meetings. You are a team of reporters who've been tasked to find their secret temple and uncover the enigma they've been guarding for millenniums. You've dug deep and found yourself in their secret room - locked. They'll come for you in an hour. Will you get out?

2-10 players, 60 min



After the apparent suicide of a wealthy British industrialist the family is out on a hunt for his mysterious will. The deceased left a cryptic note that gives reason to believe that his death could not have been self inflicted. The key to the truth is concealed within his will but he made certain it would be well protected. There is only one place to look for it- the dead man's study. The only obstacle- there is an unpleasant surprise that awaits those who embark on the mission to find it. Are you ready for the challenge?

2-6 players, 60 min



According to an official police report Albert Benedict Cartwright committed a suicide by administering deadly arsenic into his system during a theater performance of Hamlet at the Apollo Victoria theater in London. It takes a special mind to prove it was not a suicide, but a murder. Police is closing the investigation, you only have one hour at the crime scene to find the proof. Are you up for the challenge?

2-6players, 60 min


Crime Scene 2-Cartwright Saga

The big Secret from Alberts Past was recently unleashed which brought a lot of attention to his family, now against time the familly must take posessaion of a document that might prove that most of his money might not belong to him....

2_8, 60 minutes


Airplane -coming soon..........


What is an Escape Room?

Are you a wannabe Sherlock Holmes? Do you watch National Treasure and think... I could do that! Well, now is your chance. Enigma Escape Rooms, LA's premiere 1 hour escape from boredom, is providing immersive environments for the sleuth in you to finally shine. Experience a Real Life Quest.

You have an hour to find your way out of a room filled with puzzles, brain teasers, riddles and more... Challenge yourself, participate in team building and have fun. Beware, its extremely addicting!!! :)

We are located in the heart of Hollywood on the sunset/fairfax intersection, next to chase bank, walking distance from many coffee shops, restaurants and the Directors Guild of America. There is plenty of street parking and also parking at the back of the building


Escape room Enigma Los Angeles, Hollywood